Friday, October 1, 2010

A guide to the Age of Aquarius.

Here is how I live in a parallel universe known as the age of Aquarius and am living as my dream self now. However, soon, a collective consciousness around the world will allow everyone to ascend to the Age of Aquarius.

My journey took off in the 60's when I graduated from college with a bachelors degree in mathematics and also a major in physics right into the world of the Cold War with Russia or then known as the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics versus the west (including the United States).

The experiences I had in the projects I worked on in the Defense Department, NASA and the Atomic Energy Commission gave me the foundation I needed to become the person I am now.

During those years I went through much of the growing up and overcoming a focus on youthful egotistical competitiveness and the mental extremes and challenges that in the 80's lead to my homelessness.

The recent pain suffering and disabilities preventing me from even being able to walk at times taught me open-minded humility and opened my mind up to alternative out of the box thinking. This lead me to view myself as a leader with a spiritual humanitarian mindset.

This mindset has as a dominant belief in the existence of a source of life, a viewpoint that the natural human state is wellness and abundance, that mankind needs to exercise a more proper use of free will, a belief that the world you attract is the one you continuously think about, that this coming age of Aquarius is going to be bloodless and disaster free, that a collective worldwide choice will unify us into a race called Mankind, life will not be disturbed by a WW III and this wonderful change will be brought about in the same way the truth brought down the views and domination of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics over Russia and their conquests freeing millions of innocent people of that communist tyranny during the Ronald Reagan presidency.

All over the world human consciousness (not time) is expanding faster and faster. All you have to do to enter the parallel universe to the Age of Aquarius from the age of Pisces. It is not necessary to wait for 2012.

Just release yourself from a defensive protection of your limiting labels that you and others put on you and limit you. Go from being in love with yourself or the other place where you always think you are a helpless victim. Just learn once and for all that you are deserving of proper self love, a proper relationship, abundance, freedom from being in bondage and free of the mindset that you can't do what you love. Eliminate all the excuses and ascend to the age of Aquarius.

Many of you are there now as I am and could guide those struggling as they become ready and teachable.

People who have recently influenced me to make the leap was David Childerley, Jose Silva, David Wilcock, Barbara Marciniak, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and especially my special friend Connie Lilley.

Don Donaldson


  1. Excellent and Interesting article. You will love to get to know more about Dr. Felix Toran's new book, The Answer of the Universe, He's an engineer working for the European Space Agency.
    Thank you for your article! :)

  2. Sounds like you've led a very interesting life, with even more in store. :)